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Full Members:

♦Identify themselves as women with Deaf or Hard of Hearing

♦DWH hold the offices and serve on committees

♦Women are entitled to vote on all DWH matters.

Supporting Members:

♦Identify themselves as hearing individuals

♦Women shall NOT hold office and are NOT entitled to vote

♦Women can serve on DWH Committees


DWH open the door to all individual (Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Hearing) women who walk in our nonprofit organization and support our presence in the light. Women are welcome to participate in DWH meetings and attend our events. In the other hands, with some limited space and reservation, DWH will reserve the special occasions and events to DWH members.

Most importantly for non-members are always welcomed to volunteer and support our matters and various operation. DWH love to open the opportunity for all women, especially for volunteered interpreters and college students.

DWH Proud Mission

The list of DWU is accomplishing throughout the years.

♦Full scholarships to DWU's National Conferences

♦Host extremely popular sports events every year

♦Nominate the awards for educational scholarships

♦Host Houston Rodeo event every year

♦Volunteer at a local food bank and animal shelters